Sunday, September 21, 2008


Oh how I love scoring a great deal! It thrills me to no end.

Friday and Saturday were the Scrapbook USA Expo here in Salt Lake. I taught a card class on both Friday and Saturday afternoon which was really a lot of fun. I truly do enjoy teaching others and had some great students this go around.

Yesterday, Michelle, Jana and myself scrapped until I had to go and teach at 4:30. Well, they continued scrapping until the end, but I had to quit. I wasn't very productive in output of projects since I spent far too much time parousing the vendors and checking, re-checking and re-checking again, throughout the day to see if the items I wanted to purchase were marked down any further.

All in all, I feel like I scored some pretty sweet deals!

Deal #1 - 5 sets of Scrapbworks alphabet rubons for $5.00. Not $5.00 each....$5.00 for all of them. I know there is 6 sets shown in the photo. One set goes with the kit I bought. Not bad considering there is over 650 letters in each set.

Deal #2 - A Scrapworks "Magpie Collection" kit - 10 sheets of paper, one set of vinyl stickers, chipboard embellishments, letter stickers, and one set of runbon letters for $4 or $5. I can't remember which. Shown in that photo as well is a bunch o'buttons that I got for $2.00

Deal #3 - Basic Grey Recess collection, including all of the 12x12 sheets, alphabet stickers and die cuts, rubons, buttons, ribbon and a 6x6 pad ALL for $10.00! Yup. A $40 something dollar value for $10! Also shown in "Deal #2 photo, an "All Boy" chipboard album and chipboard embellishment kit from Fancy Pants for $2.00.

Deal #4 - Two sets of Fancy Pants felt shapes for $3.00 each! A set of Scrapworks vinyl brackets for $1.00. Fancy Pants rub on set for $1.00

Deal #5 - A collection of cute Scrapworks papers - 12 sheets for $1.00

So all o' that loot for $33 dollars! Did I mention how I love a great deal?

Here is my one and only layout that I completed yesterday. Need I mention how slow of a scrapper I am?

Enjoy your day!


Alison said...

Sweetttttttttttttttttt deal Kristy! Man, you really seek out bargains girlie. Love the pic, so cute. Wish I could have gone to your classes. I don't think I would have got anything done but it would have been a great tonic for the soul!

Mer said...

I love that is wayyyy cute!

And I'm really kicking myself for not going to the expo now...I love that scrapworks stuff and that BG deal...WOW! Lucky duck!

Chris said...

Looks like there were some awesome deals!! Fun! LOve your layout!

Shellieh said...

I am still your best friend aren't I? :D

Jana said...

Yeah it is worth going to the expo for anyone that is close!

I love the lo but um you changed it since I saw it.

Jen Gallacher said...

Shush!! I had to miss it, and I'm SO BUMMED. Especially since you totally scored. :) Are we still on for Friday at Archiver's?

Sheryl said...

Well aren't you the lucky one. I'm gnashing my teeth here. Glad the card class went well and that layout rocks!

Becky T said...

Wowee, girl! I must say I'm a tad jealous. I haven't done ANY good scrappy shopping since I moved here over two years ago, let alone score a good scrappy deal. I'm drooling over all that yummy goodness. (although at this rate, it would probably have just been purchased and then be sitting unused for nearly two years before I got around to it!!). I love your layout and the picture of you and JM. You look fantastic!

Mistylynn said...

I guess it's too bad I don't live in Utah, I might get some sweet deals too. A really sweet deal would be having this baby, but he's comfy where he is. Today is day #5 OD. I love your lo by the way. That picture is really sweet and you know how I adore the papers you use. Well, take care and take a rest. Somethin' special's on it's way...

Cari said...

Wow!!! You did score girl!!
Love that layout too!!!

Peggy Severins said...

AWESOME deal, what a luck. You know how to find those good deals don't you. Enjoy your new stash. Can't wait to see what you will create with it. Love the layout too!

Suzanne said...

wowza woman!!! great layout first of all...awesome work as usual! What a score! I would love to get all that goodness for such a low price. You banged down the pennies girl!