Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love my dad.

Well, I love my mom like crazy too, but this post just happens to be about my dad and how he is one of those special guys in my life. I didn't always consider my dad to be one of those special guys in my life. Well, maybe when I was a little kiddo I did. I remember getting so excited when he'd come home from work, always running to give him a hug, and I also remember being his fishing pal, but somewhere along the way {insert know it all teen age years here), I didn't think he was so cool. Yeah...I was a real gem as a teen ager, I'm sure. Being the "police officers daughter" and all. I truly remember just wanting to shrivel up and die every time dad had to drop me off at school in his police car. But ya know what? Even though I was a snotty, less than desirable teen ager, he still loved me.

I consider myself extremely blessed that my dad, who has lived my entire lifetime with diabetes, and has suffered many, many complications from it ranging from a kidney transplant when I was 16 to losing his foot when I was a new mom, is still going strong. I'm even more blessed that our final kiddo is a mini Grandpa Dahl. It really brings my heart so much joy that our final baby is so distinctly "Dahl" and not only "Dahl" but "Grandpa Dahl". I don't know if it's the "technicolor blue" eyes or what, but every time I see JM, I see my dad.

I pray that JM will grow to be such a fine man as my dad. I pray that he will bring honor to the lineage that he is from. I pray that he will love our Heavenly Father as equally as my dad. I pray that he will always have the courage to stand for what is right and never be afraid to share his testimony....just like my dad.

I'm such a lucky daughter, cause even when the time comes that my dad is to return to our Heavenly Father, I'll still have him looking at me every day through the eyes of my little one.

I love you dad. (And thanks for loving me!)


Alison said...

WEll, now I am in tears. Having met this special man, I can only keep nodding my head at what you said about him. He is a sweetie! JM is a'lil hottie :-)

Tracey said...

Wow! I am getting teary at work!!! How embarassing. At least I still have a cold to cover it up.

Becky T said...

Oh, Kristy! How sweet is this? Seriously, I love it! I love how much they look alike, it's SOOO stinkin' sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Tears here too! Ya just need to see these things sometimes to remind you what really matters. FAMILY! Seriously! Big crocodile tears rolling down my face.

G.Ma said...

I have always thought that JM looks like the Dahl's and now after looking at the pictures it has been confirmed to me. He does look like your dad--well maybe a little younger.
You do have a great dad and we think very highly of him and your mom too and are so happy they raised such a beautiful daughter so she could be part of our family!