Thursday, June 19, 2008


So I'm in this little exercise contest at KT Crafts. We have to exercise on 3 different days each week for a total of 90 min over the 3 days. We're in week 10 of exercise and up to this point, I've done at least 5 hours and 4 days each week.....but this week? I'm struggling!

I've been so dizzy over the past few days...well, since I did cartwheels through the sprinklers with my kids. (Stupid idea) But I decided that I was not going to let a case of the dizzies get me out of this contest....after all....I'm making decent progress and I don't want to stop now.

I just reached my goal of a size 10 by my 36th birthday, and hope to be a size 8 by the first day of fall. I just need to go and buy a new pair of jeans to hang on my bathroom door for motivation!

Anyhow, todays choice of music to get me through the torture was Stop All the World Now by Howie Day. If you're looking for something new from itunes, I'd truly suggest it!

Oh and a little piece of advice....don't run on garbage day. It stinks. Really. It does.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

WOWZER!! You're hot! I am so so jealous! I think the idea of hanging jeans for motivation is great. I have some I'd like to hang but alas they are packed in a box somewhere.

Keep up the good work.

Oh and I love Howie Day.