Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm getting old....

So yesterday I bought my first beer.....ever. No, no...I haven't decided to take up drinking or anything like that....I bought it for a lawn fertilizng/food concoction that my cousin uses and her lawn looks amazing, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

I was secretly sort of excited to be asked for my ID as this is an experience that I've never had before. So there I am at the check out....ready and waiting and all I get is "would you like your drinks with you or in the bag". WHAT! You mean, I don't even look remotely close to age 28 (or whatever age it is that if you look younger than they ask for ID). Okay, so I KNOW I have grey roots showing right now, but give me some slack! I just had my hair permed again and I can't color it for another week or two. It's not my fault that my roots are more grey than not....and I do realize that I've got some lines around my eyes, but that's to be expected with having 5 kids, isn't it.

Oh wait...I DO have five kids. Yeah...I guess not many 21 year olds would be able to claim that one.

Maybe I DO look 36.

Maybe I AM getting old.

Maybe I will never have the experience of having to show my ID.

Dang...missed out on that one! :0)


Jana said...

It's not all that exciting to get carded really. I have been (after I was 21 so it wasn't a big deal)

CKMommy said...

You crack me up!! I think you look awesome sistah! bout that recipe?? I'm gunna have 1 acre of grass in a couple weeks. I'll need some serious help :O


CKMommy said...

Just saw the link for the recipe.'s still a little early for me! *sigh*

Jenn said...

so how was the beer? DId it work for you?

Beth said...

I have a recipe for the gardening that uses beer to, but it also calls for fish poop! LOL It's more for flowers than grass though.

I bet the cashier was barely over 21 herself, so you know how those younger people are about judging age-they're terrible. They think everyone looks like their grandma if they're over 30!