Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beautiful Girl

Yeah, if you've been around to the scrappy sites that I visit, or Outta This Funk, you've likely seen this layout that I made for my sweet Sister In Law, Jana.

I have to be honest that this is one of my most favorite....EVER...creations. It came together so easily and oddly enough, quickly for me. I usually take about forever and 10 days to create anything, and was able to finish this layout in an afternoon. I'm not sure if it was the reason that I was creating it for her or what....but it was a joy, just as she is a joy in my life!

I owe so much to her and her example in life. Her strength and courage in different aspects of life have affected mine so richly in round about ways, and as a result my family has been eternally blessed.

I love you Jana girl! You are beautiful....even holding a goat! LOL!


Michelle said...

Oh my Kristy, I love this.

Jana said...

You are so sweet. I feel so much love looking at this awesome page in my nice frame. It makes me even believe it...I am a beautiful girl! I've worked hard to get there but I'm a good person in and out! So thank you for believing in me.