Friday, June 20, 2008

Funny story...

So today Maddison and I are driving down the road and here is a conversation that took place.

Maddison: That kid has on a weird shirt (think 80's t-shirt with the arm holes ripped down to the waist)
Me: Yeah...that how they wore them in the 80's. The 80's are really popular right now.
Maddison: Well why is that in style again.
Me: Because styles re-cycle. It's just how things go.
Maddison: Well what were the styles before the 80's then. I mean, wasn't that like pioneer time?
Me: Sweetie...I'm not THAT old.
Maddison: Well then it must have been pioneer time right before Grandma and Grandpa were born then...cause they didn't have TV's or microwaves or cell phones.
Me: You're right. But they still aren't that old.
Maddison: huh....

Truth be told...I don't think she believes me! :0)

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Dan said...

As always, Maddison is the deep thinker. She can see right through a story. Gramps grew up in the 60's and that was pioneer times (pioneers of rock n roll maybe)