Sunday, June 22, 2008

4 THE LOVE! I'm having a 4 The Love of Shoes, "e-show"

I'm so excited! I get to be the guinea pig for the first ever 4 The Love of Shoes "e-show."

The other day I was introduced to the wonderful shoes offered through 4 The Love of Shoes. I booked my own home show, but sadly enough, the show doesn't happen until November 11th, because that is how far booked out they are.

Anyhow, I picked up this darling little pair of orange shoes and they are ever so, so, so comfy! I've had some great feedback from them from friends on-line and thought how fun it would be to host an "e-show".

I contacted Sam and asked her what the possibities were and she said that she'd be thrilled for me to be the guinea pig.

So here's how it goes.....go to 4 The Love of Shoes shoe gallery, check out their awesome selection of incredibly priced, high quality shoes. (If you click on the image of the shoe, it enlarges with detailed information). E-mail me the name and size of shoe that you would like to Sam will then double check inventory to make sure that they are in stock. (Even though the website is fairly accurate, she just wants to make sure they are there!) I will calculate your total, including tax & shipping, and then send you an invoice through paypal. I will then go and pick up all of the shoes, and get them sent out immediately! Simple as that!

So, if you're after new shoes for you or your kiddos, take a peek!

I'll be collecting orders until the 30th of June.

Have fun shopping!


Vicki said...

I'm game! I'll be checking out what is offered for sure!!

Vicki said...

Holy Moly! What a great catalogue of shoes! I will be sending you my order!

Anonymous said...

I'd so love to buy some but can't right now. Tell Sam though that if it goes good I'd love to host an e-show as well.
OH and I'm nuts...I applied for their party girl open position. It's just a couple nights a week and Saturdays.