Monday, February 23, 2009

Project 365 Upload #7

Well, here you oh so exciting peek into the world of Lee!

Feb 16th:

We had a moment of weakness wherein we bribed the girls with a Wii Fit if they would not complain about babysitting for us on Valentines evening. We couldn't find the game on Valentines night and after about an hour of calling around on Monday morning we found it at Target in Orem. It's so fun to have a game that even Aaron enjoys playing.

Feb. 17th:

JM was beginning to look like a shaggy little girl, so Tracey took the scissors to his hair. Usually JM doesn't mind too much to have a haircut but this time it was not something he wished to endure! This photo is actually a screen grab from the video that we took. Now we call him "new boy" because it is like having a new boy in the house!

Feb. 18th:

I have to admit, that due to my "extreme dermatitis" in my ear canals I am forever itching my ears with qtips. My ENT gave me drops which help immensely but every so often I can't help it. Obviously I itch a little too much as JM thought that pretzel sticks would do the job for his ears quite nicely!

Feb. 19th:

Today, Aaron started hollering at me from the kitchen to "come quick and see". I went out to see what he was so excited about and he warned me not to "break it". I truly giggled when I saw what he was talking about. He was so amazed by all of the dust particles in the air floating around that he could see through the slit of sunlight creeping in between the curtains. It immediately took me back to being a kid when I was so intrigued by the same thing.

Feb. 20th:

Tracey and I are truly spoiled by his parents that always willingly take all 5 of the kids for sleepovers. We cashed in on our Christmas present weekend, and were planning on eating at Setebello's. On our way there all of the sudden we had the craving for Killer Nachos from The Red Iguana. We hadn't been there in ages, and despite being there at 5:30 we still had to wait nearly an hour for a table. It was worth every minute of waiting cause their nachos are truly killer!

Feb. 21st:

Since we had no kids for the day we rode Trax into Salt Lake and spent the entire day walking around taking photos and making video. This is one of my favorite photos that we took. I love how you can see Tracey's reflection in the glass.

Feb. 22nd:

The girls are so funny. They are entirely addicted to a website called Fantage which their friend Savannah M. introduced them to. I was a "cool mom" and paid a small fee so that they could become "premium members". It's really kind of a fun site with lots of games and fashion shows. You play games to earn points to buy different items for your character. The girls often make me sit down and play the typing game for them so that they can rack up the points! We have had to put limits on their time spent playing as if we didn't they'd sit on the computer all day long.

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G.Ma said...

Love all the pictures. The boys are so cute and funny. I also think that picture that Tracey took is cool cause you can see him too. I am glad you had a good time together!