Monday, February 9, 2009

Project 365 Upload #5

Well, sorry it's not anything more exciting than more photos. I have really enjoyed this project so far....being able to capture little snippets from the life of our family.

Feb 2nd Day 33:

I finally finished the bathroom project that I've been working on for most of January. I really, REALLY love how it turned out...especially the cabinets. I feel like it's such a classy room and I really did it for very cheap! I got all of the decor items at Ross for dollars, and the towels came from clearance at Target for $2.50 each!

Feb 3rd, Day 34:

I am so proud of Sarah. Today she graduated from the Nova program at school. She worked so hard to complete all of the assignments including no television for an entire week over Christmas break. She was one of about 11 students in the entire 6th grade that completed every assignment, earning herself the Super Nova award. I know the things that she learned will help her as difficult choices arise in the next few years.

Feb 4th, Day 35:

I liked the look of my black cabinets in my bathroom so much that I have decided to start in on re-finishing the railing to our downstairs, and then hopefully move onto the kitchen cabinets. I started sanding down the railing today and it really isn't the funnest of jobs, but I am sure the end result will be worth it.

Feb 5th, Day 36:

Tonight we had our parent teacher conferences at the elementary. It's always so nice to go and hear good reports. In fact I was told by Tessas teacher that thanks to her, and her alone, the entire class was able to have an extra party, since she stayed in during a recess and cleaned the entire room. I wish she'd feel that passionate about cleaning her bedroom! Tessa still struggles with math, but her reading has really improved over this year.

Feb 6th, Day 37

After a rough night of screaming and no sleep, I decided to take JM back into the doctor as I suspected that his ear infection had not entirely cleared up. Mothers intuition was right and he started on another round of antibiotics. This time we are faced with the awful side effect of diarreah, so we have had to get a pro-biotic from the health food store to give him before each dosage, which helps, but doesn't eliminate the mess!

Feb 7th, Day 38:

Today we were able to go to Tracey's Grandma's 80th birthday party. It was a surprise party and I am glad that she didn't suffer from a heart attack when she walked into the room! I am so grateful that our kids have the blessing in their lives of knowing not only their grandparents but their great grandparents. I am so happy that we could all be there at the party to give her our love.

Feb 8th, Day 39:

My family issued a challenge for all of us to have the entire Book of Mormon read by the middle of October. We were a little slow on starting up with the challenge but have taken seriously this week to making it happen. Our personal challenge has been to read 6 pages a day. While some days we have been a little short, we haven't missed a day of reading since we began last Sunday and have completed about 37 pages so far! I love the opportunity that it provides us as parents to discuss the happenings of ancient times and relate them to our lives today. Even though it tends to be chaotic with the boys, the spirit that is brought into our home has is unmistakable and I am so grateful for it.

Feb 9th, Day 40:

Yesterday afternoon I landed myself an awful headache and at some point during the night it turned into a full fledged migrane. I woke up wondering how I would take care of the kids. I popped into Facebook for a moment to update my status and jokingly asked if anyone wanted to take my boys for the day. I was absolutely touched as 2 wonderful neighbors both showed no hesitation in wanting to help me out, and another drove my kids to school. I am so blessed to live in a great area with great people. Thanks Jen and Amy! Luckily I was rescued shortly thereafter by Tracey who came home early and I then slept the entire afternoon, waking up feeling much better.


Kiersten said...

Great post, again!
Love the bathroom...purple rocks!!

Becky T said...

I am loving that you are doing this project, it's awesome! What a GREAT way to document your every day life. And I'm sorry you've had sick kiddos, a migraine, and the works, yuck! But your bathroom looks awesome, I love it and there's nothing better than getting the goods for a steal of a deal! And ps, don't be surprised to see a facebook request from me. LOL! :)

some kind of wonderful said...

LOVE the recap!

Sheryl said...

The bathroom looks fabulous, Kristy! Looking forward to seeing the results of the next lot of projects! Talking of projects, have you done any scrapping lately?