Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Project 365 Upload #4

Wow! I guess it's a good thing that I've got this little project going or I may have fallen off of the blogging bandwagon!

Actually I've been so busy making my bathroom pretty over the past couple of weeks that I haven't really had time for much else. I'll be putting the finishing touches on what I can today and then I will take some photos.

Just a little piece of advice to you all however....DON'T MAKE CURTAINS. Buy them. Your life will be much better! However, I am a girl that isn't going to give up, so before this day is done, I WILL have them looking decent. I hope. :)

Jan 26th:

Tracey has a great job in the fact that he is able to travel on occasion. Surely I don't love being on the single mom status, but his trips are always quick. It's nice that he has the opportunity to see a little bit of the country even though filming dentists doesn't exactly fall into the "wow that was exciting" category. However on his trip to Minnesota, he was able to spend a bit of time at the Mall of America.

Jan 27th:

Today we went as a family to the Draper Temple open house. How grateful I am that I am sealed to my family for eternity. I hope that my children will always remember the peace that they felt in the temple and strive to make the choice of having an eternal family for themselves one day. I am so grateful for my best friend, and my husband who is such a pillar of strength and an example to our family. I'm also happy that he doesn't seem to mind that he's stuck with me....forever!

Jan 28th:

I can't believe that Sarah will be heading off to Young Womens this year. Tonight was New Beginnings. She's so excited to be moving on and to be going to activities with Maddi. They both made a commitment to pray morning and night, read their scriptures for 5 minutes daily, and smile every day. I really hope that they both realize the importance of these simple things and how building a testimony while they are young will carry them through times of doubt as they grow older.

Jan 29th:

As part of one of our new years goals Tracey and I decided that we would make a better effort to take the kids out one on one for "dates". Even though this week wasn't exactly one on one, (because we got started a little late and had to double up), we sure had fun. Maddi, Sarah, Aunt Jana and I hit the local roller rink for a little skating fun. I have to say roller skating is a whole lot harder than I remember it being. However it was a great evening and we were able to have some good chats with the girls over a shake at Iceberg, about the difficulties of growing up and the importance of making good choices. More than anything I want my girls to know that I was a real teenager too, and that whatever they are going through I truly understand!

Jan 30th:

I get the biggest kick out of my boys. Never did my girls get a thrill out of watching the garbage being hauled away. Both Aaron and JM can hear the engine of the garbage truck from a block away and scurry to their bedroom window to watch for the truck to come. Every other week is a double treat when 2 days row they get to watch the show as the recycling man makes his rounds.

Jan 31:

There is never a dull moment with JM in the house. In fact, if it is ever quiet you know there is trouble going on. After a few too many moments of peace this is what we found. And the walls and floors and couches decorated quite nicely. Thank heavens it was washable!

Feb 1st (Day 32):

As much as we try to be conscious about eating right, Sunday afternoons always seem to be a time for indulging in a little "not so good for you" food. We often make brownies as an after church treat and eat them while playing games or watching a movie. This particular day we played Scrabble Upwords.


Jennifer said...

I love the boys in the window watching the garbage truck. That is so my boys too! Only, I wouldn't know that girls don't find that equally interesting. That is so funny you took that picture because I have the exact same one I took of Max on Friday watching the recycle truck. Good luck with the curtains! Can't wait for the picture of that one ;)

Sheryl said...

Some lovely pictures there Kristy. I really enjoy these little glimpses into your life. You know if I ever visit Utah (been once to SLC & a return is on my "to do" list) I am going to pop round and visit - and I will expect some of those brownies!

Mistylynn said...

Wonderful pictures. JM just melts my heart. He's so like Aaron...always getting into stuff. I relate to the "it's quite, where's JM?" part of it. I swear we must be like twins separated at birt...I made homemade brownies on Sunday and was planning on having brownies alamode for FHE.Which we're doing tonight cuz Travis wasn't home last night. Plus I AM going to make curtains for my kitchen...I have the material and everything...maybe I should bring it to UT and you can help me. Take care. I can't wait to see the new bathroom.

Kiersten said...

Great pics.
I think I need some brownies and ice cream!