Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday #3 - Must we go there?

Yes...we must...because you all are my "free" form of accountability. Sure I think of joining a group that I have to pay for but really, I know what is good, I know what is healthy, I've read enough about how to eat to teach lectures (just kidding...but boy have I read a ton), and I know what I need to do to get where I want to be. So YOU all are my weekly accountability.

But this week was not one of those weeks that treated me well.

I have not exercised since Friday. Too many sleepless nights with sick kids has sucked any will of exercising out of my existence!

Tracey's birthday "cake" was sheer evil...and who ate most of it? Me. Yup. Even when I demanded that it be gone or thrown out before I got home from scrapbooking on Sat. I found it tucked away in the pantry due to the resistance of my older girls freaking out at the thought of it being thrown out. Did they eat any? No. I went ahead and ate it for breakfast on Sunday, many nibbles throughout the day, for breakfast on Monday and finally threw it out on Mon. afternoon.

Yesterday in a moment of pure desperation at not having a mental breakdown I hit the ol' drive up at Arctic Circle. French Fries, Ranch Burger AND Cheesy sticks. Oh yeah. I know how to kill any chance of a decent weigh in, don't I.

So yup. I'm up. .6 pounds. I guess it could be worse, but if I don't get back on track I'm going to be moving farther away from my current goal of a size 8, which I am OH so close to achieving.

Here's to getting back on the wagon!


Kristen said...

Keep on it. I am so excited for you and I always tell people that I have this neighbor that is doing it all on her own...and she looks great! So at least you have a new week and you can forget about those fries and fry sauce from last week. And .6 is nothing, you can lose that in 1 day. And being sick with sick kids is a great excuse

Kiersten said...

You'll do it, I know you will :)

Sheryl said...

Just because you lose one battle, it doesn't mean you lost the war. Concentrate on what you have to do now - it's a waste of time worrying about the past - examine, learn, move on. (I should write those self help books, eh?). Seriously, Kristy, with all the little sick people to look after, I am amazed that you are doing so well.

La Smala said...

Hey, my sil and a bunch of us have a blog to lose weight together. It's on my page: Bodies under Construction, check it out and you can join us if it helps! ARrrrrrgh, I wish I could just stay skinny and still eat chips and chocolate!