Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Years Revolutions

I had to laugh when we were in church the other day and some kid gets up to bare his testimony and talks about his New Years Revolutions. So now Tracey and I have dubbed that as our term for the items we wish to resolve.

Tracey and I have talked quite a bit about the things that we'd like to do better with in our lives. Neither of us have committed our "revolutions" to paper, and after reading my sweet SIL's blog this morning I realized what better place to put down my goals than here, where it will never be lost.

Goal #1 - Pray every night with Tracey. So far we've done great. I think we've only missed one night and that was cause I fell asleep. I am good and don't even pull the "it's your turn" stunt anymore. I know if it's an even day it's my day and no dancing around turn issues is allowed!

Goal #2 - Spend more one on one time with the kids. Starting today we are taking them on a "date" once a month. (Oh dear...what will happen when JM is big enough? There aren't 5 weeks in the month!) It's not going to be anything fancy. Most likely just a trip to the gas station for a treat or something. Just some time to connect and find out what is really going on in their lives.

Goal #3 - Attend the temple once a month. Be it together or be it separate, we plan to go once a month.

Goal #4 - Finish reading the Book of Mormon by mid October. At FHE with my family the other night my brother issued our family (my whole side) to finish the Book of Mormon by mid October. I don't know why I am so excited about this. I think the fact that it is a goal that I will be trying to reach with the people that I love so dearly will make it that much more enjoyable. Not to mention that April promised us a pizza party for those that complete! That girl sure knows how to throw a party for sure!

Goal #5 - Exercise / lose weight. Yup. It has surely been a struggle for me. Granted, I know I look fairly decent for a mom of 5, and I know I have people getting mad at me all the time when I tell them that I want to lose more weight, and often get the "gee I wish I had only 10 pounds to lose, but the truth of it is, it is equally as hard for me as it is for anyone, and I don't think people often realize that. I work my butt off. There is no doubt about that, and I am proud at the results that I have seen, but It's so frustrating to see where I once was and hope that I have the potential to get there again. (Allthough that was 2.5 pregnancies ago! Maybe my 30+ year old body say NO!) Regardless, I have the revolution to continue exercising. Tracey is a mad man and is exercising 6 days a week for an hour, but my goal is a little less lofty with no less than 4 days, preferrably 5. So far I've nailed it. I've only missed a couple of days since the new year (not counting Sundays cause I don't exercise on Sunday), and I feel good. I've really been conscious of what I eat lately and it's making a HUGE difference. Even if I'm not drastically dropping pounds, I am dropping inches, and it's nice to have to be tugging up the ol' jeans once again.

Goal #6 - I guess this really goes in hand with exercise. I'm going to run another 1/2 marathon this year. Running is addictive. Running is so much work, but the reward is un-describable. I just can't wait until it warms up enough to get out there regularly once again.

Goal #7 - Take a photo a day. So far so good! I think it will be fun at the end of the year to have a complete visual documentary of the people I so dearly love.

So I know that was mostly for my benefit, cause really, who cares what my goals are. Just nice to have it outta my head and onto "paper". Thanks for the inspiration Michelle.


Dan said...

I'm proud of you guys. good goals. good luck with all of them

Kiersten said...

Sounds like some good things to "revolve" to do! :)

Jana said...

Hee hee Kiersten I noticed her revolving too! Love ya girl.

I'm proud of you for all you plan on doing. I long to get into that frame of mind where I care and will truly resolve and just do it. Right now abou the only thing I can promise to do is wake up at some point every day. Ugh I hate feeling blah and sick!

Sheryl said...

It's always a good idea to have goals, and even though I only know you via MBs and your blog, Kristy, I get the impression that having set yourself a goal, you try your hardest to achieve it. But you shouldn't be too hard on yourself - sometimes it's enough to keep on trying, even if you don't quite make it. The important thing is not to give up!