Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project 365 Upload #3

Amazingly enough I am still hanging in there with the photo a day thing. I think the fact that my new computer will open up Photoshop in about 3 seconds flat helps!

Here's a peek into our life over the past week.


January 20th:

We watched a little of history in the making during the Innaguration of President Barack Obama. I never imagined that we would find ourselves one day with an African American president. I think it shows great strides in the freedom equality that our country stands for. I pray that President Obama will do Gods will and will lead our country in the right direction.

Jan 21:

Much of the country has been hit with extremely cold temps, Utah being no different. We've spent a good share of the beginning of 2009 with temps reaching their highs in the mid teens. I've never been a lover of winter, and the older I get the less I like it. Here's hoping that things warm up soon so that I can get running again outside!

Jan 22:

There is nothing better than a girls night out with a bunch of friends. There were a bunch of us from the neighborhood that spent the evening having scalp massages at the Paul Mitchell hair school. All I can say is that was the one of the very best $6 I've ever spent. Especially since I didn't have to flat iron my own hair! Following our scalp treatments we all went to dinner at The Brick Oven in Provo. It just doesn't get better than that!

Jan 23:

I love the fact that I gained some wonderful sisters through Marriage. I begged Jana to go to lunch with me at Sweet Tomatoes as I was having a massive craving for their wheat bread. So not good for you with all of the honey butter smothered on top, but oh so good to get out and have some sister time.

Jan 24th:

Recently John Matthew has been incredibly stubborn about staying in his high chair. Two children ago, we tore the seat belt out of the high chair because it got all nasty from food, and neither Tessa nor Aaron every thought to try repetedly to escape the seat. JM on the other hand, has to be buckled into every high chair, shopping cart or any other seat possible if we don't want him to move. After tiring of worrying about him falling onto the tile floor we went to IKEA and bought a chair to hold his booster seat. He is now part of the family at the table and very pleased about his new seating arrangement.

Jan 25th:

I hate spending time alone when Tracey is out of town on business so we decided to spend Sunday evening over at Grandma and Grandpa Dahl's. Aaron was so thrilled to go there as we don't often have time when we are there for Family Home Evening, to play with the Geo Trax train set. I'm sure playing with these trains will go down in Aarons memory as one of the happy thoughts of when he was little at G&G Dahl's home.


Kiersten said...

This is such a great project, I'm going to have to remember it for next year.
I love the picture of Aaron with the trains.

Michelle said...

Nice pictures. And thanks for inviting me to lunch too. :P

Sheryl said...

I so envy you that scalp massage - I love that kind of treatment! Glad things seem to be settled down. Our youngest was never really happy in a highchair - he much preferred the booster seat option, even when he was only just big enough.

G.Ma said...

Looks like you have been busy and having fun. JM seems so big now--wow Kristy no more high chair, well at least for a few years till grandkids start coming over.
Love all the pictures I love seeing pictures of my beautiful family!