Friday, January 9, 2009

My Maestro

Last night as we were trying to say our family prayers, JM kept interrupting. I had no idea that we have such a little composer on our hands! (Let alone I had no idea he figured out how to turn on our keyboard!)

I was laughing so hard that I made Tracey use his new 5D to film it. Sure didn't have to twist his arm too hard.

And yup. Missing lense life has begun. I think my 50mm got swiped and taken to work with him today.


Ali said...

Oh my word!!! Love the way he just scales that that table or stool to sit down. I swear, he reminds me of Spiderman! LOL. Noah is here beside me repeating, "Mum, gen" as in aGAIN. LOL. He has now said it about 50 times and I have had to type and re-type this paragraph because I can't think straight with the repetitive sound in my EAR!. He keeps saying "Tute Baby Mom".

Yes, he is right. JM is a heartbreaker.

Jennifer said...

Dang! I've tried to watch your video on two different computers with no luck!! I really wanted to see that cute JM and of course little Mark in action!