Sunday, January 11, 2009

Project 365 Upload #1

I figure while I am waiting for the CK Project 365 kits to come back into stock, I'd better start storing my information somewhere so I don't forget the reasoning behind why I took the photos. I love taking photos, and am excited about the idea of taking a differnt photo every day during the year of 2009.

So far I've done well! I just hope I can keep it up, because I am sure that this will be an album that I will cherish forever.

I love photography, and I generally strive to take pretty good photos for scrapbook purposes, but this album is going to feature a lot of "real life" and that means not having perfect lighting conditions or perfect subject matter. But real life....isn't that what it's all about?

Welcome to Project 365

Jan 1st: Moments after midnight, someone in my in-laws neighborhood bringing in the new year with some "illegals".

Jan 2nd: Aaron, starting the year out with a bang...or a bump anyway. He found a jar of my leave in hair conditioner and was laying on the ground. He held it up above his head and accidentally dropped it prompting an instant goosegg that just about made Tracey pass out.

Jan 3rd: Our first completed puzzle of the holiday season. What is it with puzzles? I can go an entire year without thinking about them but once Christmas hits a puzzle is a must!

Jan 4th: 11:00 church. After years of being stuck with the 1-4 church block we finally graduated to 9:00 church in October of 2008. While we were hoping to stay at 9:00 this year, we did move to 11:00. In all actuality it was nice not having to be so hurried in the morning.

Jan 5th: School is back in session! After 2 weeks of a Christmas break, school started up again. I really love having the kids around, so it was hard to see them walking out the door to the beginning of the rest of the school year.

Jan 6th: We're starting the year off with a bang! After a nearly $4,500 dental year last year we thought we'd jump right into 2009 with another dental expense. Aaron had extensive dental work done in Aug. of 2008 and was in question for a pulpotomy (baby root canal) for one of his front upper teeth. It finally came time to get it done. Nothing a little sedation and $300 can fix!

Jan 7th: 2009 is the year that I strive to get my body back to where I want it to be. While I've made great progress after having peaked at 215 pounds with my pregnancy with JM, I still want to lose more weight. I'm pleased with my hard work and determination that has brought me to my current size 10 and weight of 172 pounds, but I know with a little more effort and dilligence I will look better than I ever have!

Jan 8th: The long awaited arrival of Traceys new DSLR finally occured! Today the Canon 5D came to reside in our home. Tracey is SUCH a spoiled stinker, yet if he can continue to make money for our family with his gadgets then I truly can't complain!

Jan 9th: 2 years. TWO YEARS of living with a horrid blue bathroom and I had finally had enough. While showering I stood looking out of the shower stall envisioning my perfect bathroom. That's all it took (in addition to being incredibly bored!). I finally took the plunge and began the facelift of our master bathroom!

Jan 10th: Who can say no to a little Rock Band? Jana and Bryan and their boys came over to play Rock Band with us. I can't believe that we've been "neighbors" since the beginning of October and we've had such few opportunities to hang out with each other. I really love having them close, and love that they are a part of our family.


Ali said...

Love those pics. Girl you are doing well with keeping the Project 365 on the straight and narrow!! Love looking at the snippets of your busy life....even if it is from afar :-(

Jana said...

Man you really really are making me want to do this! I'm behind I fake it to catch up or just go blank for the first 10 days?

Jennifer said...

What an awesome idea!! Can't wait to see the finished product! p.s. Sarah is a cutie! I love having her in our class.

Michelle said...

Great pictures and fun to see what you've been up to! My sister was one of the lucky few that bought a Project 365 before they sold out. Check out my friend's Amy's blog to her cute ideas about Project 365.

Mistylynn said...

You're awesome for doing it. I'm still so overhwelmed right now. Maybe I should start today. Yeah, we'll see. Hugs to lady. What are you doing lately.

Jenn said...

My cousin is doing the same project I keep telling myself I want to do it. But so far it is the 12th of the new year and I only took pictures 4 of the days.