Monday, January 12, 2009

My Other Daughter

Yup. Take one look at this photo and tell me this sweet girl shouldn't be my own flesh and blood?

It's sad when you have to rely on your brother and his wife to create a child that actually looks like me.

I just love my niece Briana. She's one of the spunkiest, funniest, happiest 15 year old girls on the planet. There isn't a family function that goes by that she's not there to give Grandpa Dahl a huge hug and to just make everyone happy with her presence.

I'm glad I'm your aunty Briana! And my "other" daughter! :0)


Sheryl said...

Kristy, she really does look like you. That's genetics I guess!

some kind of wonderful said...

awww...thats so sweet! she is the spitting image!

Jana said...

I never really realized that before. But she does look like her dad too, but cuter.

Uncle Zeke said...

Thanks! That was so sweet of you to say all of that for me! I didn't know you loved me so much! Haha just kidding...But really, that is so sweet. Yeah, it's kind of fun to hug grandpa because he is so tall! :)
Yeah...I guess I'm spunky :P

"Your other daughter"