Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another new addition....or should I say....Additions

So last night we were strolling around the ol' Walmart, because that seems to be what we do when we are bored. Actually Tracey was looking for some furry fabric, and unsurprisingly Walmart did not have any. What they did have right smack dab next to their fabric section (strange if you ask me) was their fish.

There was some lucky lil' dude getting himself a goldfish and Aaron marches right up to the momma of that lil' dude and tells her that he would like a new pet too. I guess Gary wasn't too exciting or something. Maybe too snotty. Who knows. The mother laughed which I don't think Aaron appreciated, so he turned to the worker and told her that he in fact would like a new pet too. He quickly pointed out the fish he wanted and was shot down yet again when the worker said that he would have to ask his mom.

So he asked.

I said "Maybe, but not today."

Tessa then quickly says "Maybe means never."

Am I really that reputable with my "maybe" answer.

I decided that yes, in fact I WOULD agree to having a goldfish (even though Aaron just broke our goldfish jar all over the driveway a few days ago).

So this morning, I packed up Tess and Aaron and off we went in search of our goldfish.

Somehow our GOLDFISH turned into "Plankton" and "Shrimpy...."Ug" and "Sunny". Oh and let's not forget "Fire" and "Ice". I mean, why NOT get a cute fish tank with a filter for $10 when a regular stinky goldfish jar would have been $7. Sure, maybe not the BEST of setup, but for the sake of seeing how it goes with more pets in the fam, I think it's great.

JM? He thinks they are the total bomb. Hopefully he wont try to take them out! Amazingly enough it's been 5+ hours and no one has died yet!


Dan said...

I could have given you lots of guppies. We have like 6 generations now.

Kristen said...

Milo was so excited about Aaron's new fish....good mom! at least you didnt' come home with a cat.

Muche's Smala said...

Well well, great minds do think alike. I was at Walmart yesterday too, my kids begged me too and I caved in too...I opted for the $7.00 one though and each kid had to have a fish (28 cents each, it's okay to flush in the toilet at that price). It cracked me up to read your post: my life exactly!