Sunday, July 7, 2013

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Oh goodness. I'll be honest. Summer is kicking my butt. Between the summer reading school that Aaron finally finished, getting Sarah to the point of getting her drivers license and lessons, and NAET, and trying to keep bored kids entertained and striving to keep at least an ounce of peace in the home—well—I've kind of been slacking here on the blog.

In fact I've even been slacking on scrapping.

But the good news I guess is that I was determined to finish out the Peridot series of Mid Week Mojos at, and here they are!

Peridot 7—The Cookie Nazi
Okay, so while this may not be the worlds most entirely politically correct layout title, I think those that know me know I'm about as far from being racial as one can really get.  I think the term that our lovely Maddi adopted as being the Cookie Nazi spurred from the old Seinfeld episode of the Soup Nazi.

It's a scary experience being in the kitchen with the master. In fact, truth is you should just steer well clear of her when she is in her happy place, because if you interrupt the process, or so much as touch the glorious cookie dough, the demons will arise.

All in all it's well worth the wait, because this girl is truly the best cookie maker—ever. What lucky kiddos she will have!

Peridot 8—Fleeting Moments

I seriously thank my Father in Heaven above for these fleeting moments which are few and far between, when my boys actually get along. I have NO clue how to make them love each other more, so when I see a moment like this, where they are happy I try to catch a photo to refer to when they are punching each other in the guts, or screaming their heads off because one of them looked at the other in the wrong way. Yeah. They're currently upstairs having it out. I think I'll hide down here for just a little longer. ;)

Peridot 9—River, Rail, Relay Run

I admit it. I hate a 2 page sketch. But alas, I wasn't about to let the fear of the 2 pager slow me down. I was going to do some photos of dad, but realized that this handful of photos that I had printed from a relay run that I did with my favorite running peeps would work great for the sketch. Of course I couldn't follow it too directly since that kind of challenges me, but I did incorporate the jist of it, and am okay with how it turned out.

Peridot 10—Ghost Tour

When I saw that Melodee had given us another 2 pager, I immediately messaged her and told her that she was single handedly trying to kill my scrappy desires. ;)

I'll admit, I'm not really in love with this layout about a ghost tour that we took on our Easter Staycation, which took us around to a dozen or so sites in the Salt Lake area, which are notorious for being haunted. But hey—I finished a Mid Week Mojo series, which I've never done before, and that I do love!

*Click on each Peridot name to see the sketches on the blog.

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TINA said...

Impressive scrappy binge! You have inspired me to perhaps maybe start participating in these challenges...maybe... Thanks for sharing great ideas! :)