Monday, July 8, 2013

The Mo-Hair Sweater

I have to admit that I've always been in awe of yarn crafters, not only now but even when I was little. I used to love watching my mom clack away with her knitting needles, making scarves or crocheting afghans.

At some point before I was even considered for conception, my mom mad my dad a "mo-hair" sweater.  I can only imagine how hip he was at the time, sporting around the furry beast.

I grew to love that sweater when I was little, often pulling it out of mom's closet and petting it. I remember even writing a story about the sweater titled "How the Mo Got It's Fur".  Unfortunately I don't remember how the Mo got fur, but that's beside the point.

In the recent years, my brother Sean adopted the Mo-Hair. And while I genuinely appreciate the talents that went into creating such a thing, I have come to terms that the thing is just ugly.  Looks like an extension of the hair on Sean's face. Icky!

Sean would often wear it to the hospital during the weeks of Dad's hospital stay and I was always stunned at how many people would want to pet his arm and were genuinely in awe of the beast.

Of course he would always be proud to say that it was my momma that actually knitted the sweater.



Juliana Michaels said...

Loved the story behind the photo and your layout! The colors and the title are wonderful together!!! Thanks for playing along with us at the Paper Bakery!!!

Amber Sheaves said...

Ha ha! It does look like an extension of his facial hair!

Sarah Hill said...

Great layout! Thanks for playing along with us at Paper Bakery :)