Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Family Man

I'm trying to keep my fire lit to get this memory book done about dad, so I keep searching for sketch challenges around the inter webs to help me get the pages done. It's sooo nice to not have to think too hard about the design, but simply create.  The sketch that I based this layout off of is the 7/2 Sketch found at Lily Bee Designs. One of my faves.

So when dad had escaped the ICU for a second time after his surgery, he landed himself in the best room on the 4th floor. It was a room where he could actually easily have multiple visitors at the same time as well as a lovely view to the south of the hospital.  Given that he was in the hospital for over 20 days—post surgery—it was nice that he could actually have a view, rather than a brick wall to stare at, which is what his neighbor across the hall was blessed with.

I'm sure that most post-op-patients aren't in the hospital for quite as long as dad was, and maybe that's partially why he was dubbed with the nickname "The Family Man".  There wasn't a single day that went by where dad wasn't surrounded at very least by his lovely bride, if not friends, neighbors and family.

It was always a treat to so see just how much dad was loved by all that he came in contact with.

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Ali said...

Love it! We'll always be 'Daddy's Girls'. Can't wait to see the finished book.