Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Graduate

Kind of seems crazy that it's already been one week since my lady graduated from High School.  What a trippy feeling for sure, knowing that she's on her way to the rest of her life. At this point I can only hope that I've done the best job that I can do in helping her to find her way and teach her the things that are right, because now she truly is on her way to spreading her wings and exploring life on her own.

It is kind of funny because a few months ago it hit me how I was kind of feeling jipped that Maddi finished school the same year that Matthew finished Kindergarten. It's kind of like my award for surviving the young years with Matthew and having him finally off to school all day were suddenly robbed from me in knowing that now Maddi will be kicking around the home.

But guess what.  I really am kind of excited and will definitely cherish any moments that we have before she ventures off somewhere in the world for her mission. Plus who am I kidding, playing in the marching band at the University of Utah come fall? She will be a busy girl.

This layout was really a struggle for me but I do love how it turned out. It happens to be for the Peridot 6 Mid Week Mojo. I know it really looks nothing like the sketch, but it definitely was my starting springboard.

Well hopefully the scrappy binge hasn't ended.  I was definitely struggling with creating this last night.  Perhaps it's time to actually go to bed on time for a night.

Very much looking forward to tomorrow and my "baby's" birthday, as well as my biggie girls coming home from Youth Conference. I sure love them.

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