Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's Fundraising Time

Did you know that keeping a band geek is rather expensive? That being said, it is worth every penny that the Marching Band and band programs cost, as over the years it has helped keep my great girls on a great path, has given them wonderful friends and has given them confidence in ways that nothing else could.

In short. We. Love. Band.

But just because we love it doesn't mean it is free.

Unfortunately (but fortunately because it will be great on her college application), we agreed to let Sarah attend a week long band camp at Brigham Young University which she received a scholarship toward.  We did this anticipating that the balance of her Marching Band fees weren't due until the beginning of July, which would give us one more massive Lasagna fund raising push.

We were wrong.

Surprise! Band fees for this cute Drum Major are due this upcoming weekend, so it's time to get creative and we NEED. YOUR. HELP! (Because—well—what is a band without their leader!)

I am hosting a raffle of some pretty awesome scrapbook swag.

This package includes not only new stuff, but some fun vintage things on top of some scrapbook papers which are very extinct, which were designed by moi!

How do you have a chance to win this sweet package?
  • $5.00 buys you one ticket
  • $10.00 buys you three tickets
  • $20.00 buys you EIGHT CHANCES TO WIN!

Want to sweeten the deal?  If we can reach $500.00 (which is what we need to come up with by this weekend), then I will offer a second box of swag. That's like doubling your chances to win!

While I would adore any help from friends worldwide, this raffle is for US and Canadian residents only.

You can send your payments via PayPal to

Raffle tickets can be purchased until Saturday, June 15th at 11:59 PM MST.

Winner will be recorded via video and posted on my blog on Sunday the 16th.  Who knows, I may even make the band geek play you a song.  She should have to work for this somehow, right?

Please help my girl and spread the word!  :D