Monday, August 5, 2013

You're Not Sick of Dad are You?

Nahhh.  No one in my little cobweb of the interwebs is tired of seeing my layouts about dad, are they?  Well if you are, you can just wait in that corner over there, because I'm on a mission to get this entire journey scrapped and put into a book, because quite frankly it just makes me feel better.

Maybe I'll be nice and throw in a random project here and there, but for now the mission is all about my Daddy Dahl.

I boggle my mind sometimes. And not necessarily in a good way. I just don't get being a girl. It's a wonder that any man is willing to stick with the female species as we are just so darn unpredictable. Why do you ask? Well let me tell you.

I've been holding off on scrapping these particular three photos for quite awhile because the pain was just too much and I didn't want to cry splatters all over my project.  Because what good would that be—a layout with streaks all over. (Then again, it might just be the next big thing!)

Amazingly enough I made it through this layout with nothing but smiles and memories of good times.

Yup. Unpredictable.

I'm so happy that our dear family friend Mary Hughes, thought to snap this photo of my brother holding on to dad's hand. It was heart wrenching to see dad walking the line between this life and the next life and all we could do was console him, help him be comfortable and encourage him to let go and join his party in heaven. 

The other layout that I completed over the weekend was a fun one to make. Or maybe I should say a cheery one. I honestly had no clue that dad's favorite flowers were the Daffodil. Dad was lucky enough to have been able to see a few open their faces before he passed, but on the Sunday morning following his passing, they all exploded into bloom.  It was as if dad was smiling on us from above and this was his way of saying everything would be alright. 

Oh and a huge thank you to those of you that take the time to share in my life. And a huge thanks to my new follower that I gained over the weekend during the Kiwi Lane blog hop. I feeel sooooo groovy cool!


Heather K. said...

I applaud you for scrapping the stuff that is the hardest. Your moment and your layout are just beautiful. And yeah, I got all girly too just looking at the depth those photos hold...DANG IT! Thank you for sharing in so many ways.

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown said...

what a very raw and emotional piece...and how wonderful that your dear friend thought to take a pic....what a great take on the PAper Bakery sketch!
Thanks for sharing!

TINA said...

You are one brave lady! Those are the photos I hide from... Much easier to scrapbook the smiles. You are a huge source of inspiration in your little "cobweb" :) Don't stop!

Tegan said...

Thanks for the inspiration to scrap those rough life moments as well- not just the super happy ones. Thanks for playing with us at Paper Bakery!

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

What a sweet layout. Sometimes the emotional things are so hard to scrap, so I appreciate that you are scrapping those times too. Hugs to you!

Thanks for playing along at the Paper Bakery.

sandi said...

What a beautiful, beautiful lo about the emotional side of letting go. I "feel" this lo so well as I too lost my dad and find it very hard to scrap without all my tears going all over the page. You have captured something so beautiful touching. Love your take on our sketch, and honored that you were able to use it for such a heartfelt lo. Tks. for playing along with us at The Paper Bakery.

Juliana Michaels said...

WOW! This is so wonderful that you are scrapping these photos, moments and memories! I imagine they are helping you heal. And I love that the daffodils all burst into the bloom the next day!
Thanks for playing along with us at the Paper Bakery!!!

Ashley Horton said...

Beautiful layout for these special photos, Kristy, and what a great way to preserve the memories. Love the way you used the sketch for this one! And love the story behind your second page and the way you used the colors from the photo on your layout! Thanks for playing along with us @ The Paper Bakery!

Katrina Hunt said...

Kristy, good for you for not apologizing for what you are scrapping! I know how hard it has been and I just want to give you a great big hug. Maybe someday I will get to do that in person. Love that you are able to scrap these memories and treasure them. Wonderful take on the sketch at PB also! Hugs, Katrina

Candi Crandall said...

Nice layouts